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Locale issues bug

From: Juan Fernandez
Subject: Locale issues bug
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 10:42:55 +0200
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Dear sir,

Maybe this is not the right place to address this issue. Feel free to forward to anyone it may concern.

I've recently used locale technology, and I found a mistake in the spanish locales. This is the correspondence of locales and currency code:

es_ES:                  ESP, as the old way.
es_ES.utf8:             ESP, same as above
address@hidden:         DEM ?? Should be EUR
address@hidden: DEM ?? Should be EUR

If we look at the catalan locale, we can see the info is right

ca_ES:                  ESP
ca_ES.utf8:             ESP
address@hidden:         EUR -> Right
address@hidden: EUR -> Fine

While this mistake is not corrected, is it possible for me to overwrite the spanish monetary information with the catalan one?

Thanks in advance,

Juan A. FERNANDEZ-REBOLLOS - address@hidden
SMS Dept. Manager

ELECTRONIC GROUP INTERACTIVE - www.electronic-group.com
World Trade Center, Moll de BARCELONA
Edificio Norte 4 Planta
Tel : +34 93600 23 23 Fax : +34 93600 23 10

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