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Shared object using symbols from parent instead of their own?

From: Frank de Jong
Subject: Shared object using symbols from parent instead of their own?
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 16:26:44 +0200


[I was told by someone from bug-binutils to ask this question here.]

I am using a system where a number of shared objects export a similar
symbol. One of the shared objects is a master which loads all the
slaves, with dlopen(). Let's assume i am using a single slave shared
object for now.

In each shared object (master and all slaves), I have defined the
global class "DllMainLoader", that simply calls the function
DllMain() in its constructor. Basically, I am trying to port some
(working) Windows DLLs work to Linux/g++, without messing with _init
and _fini, for which I want to use the object initialization code
that g++ supplies (crti.o).

I've noticed something strange. When I dlopen() the master from a
standalone binary, both master and slave call their OWN DllMain when
they initialize their global symbols, but when I LINK the master
object into the binary, the slave calls the master's DllMain
(although it does initialize it's own DllMainLoader object). In fact,
if in the slave, I try to access any global variables, the slave also
finds variables in the master.

I'm using the latest versions of gcc (3.2) and binutils.

Is this a bug?


Frank de Jong

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