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Re: Malloc can not allocate memory

From: Roman Fleysher
Subject: Re: Malloc can not allocate memory
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 23:12:44 -0500

Dear Wolfram,

Unfortunately not. I apologize for a lengthy reply, but I do not know what
may be relevant.

> So is your problem solved now?  Your /proc/../maps looked like you ran
> out of sbrk()ed memory, which should definitely not happen with
> glibc-2.2.x (which creates mmap()ed arenas) and probably not even with
> later glibc-2.1.x..

Just out of curiosity, could I ask where I can read (web page?) about
/proc/../maps file. The real problem is the following. I have two versions
of the program, one processes real data, the other processes Monte Carlo
data (data generated by a random number generator). In the case of real
data (which comes from a file on hard drive), extra (compared to Monte
Carlo version) malloc() calls are made. These calls typically ask for
about 5-15 KB of memory, the main processing part consumes the bulk: about
2GB and is the same in both cases. The fact is, that the Monte Carlo
version consumes all the expected amount of memory (close to 2 GB) and
runs. The "real data" one terminates when about 780 MB are allocated. I
use glibc version 2.1.3-24, which, perhaps may have the problem of "mmap
versus sbrk". (I am not knowledgeable enough to see the problem.) But
would not the same problem show up in both cases? Why would Monte Carlo
one, which takes about 15 KB out of 2 GB less run and the "real" terminate
at 780 MB?

If the problem is real, and I due to the lack of knowledge, do not see it,
then switching to version 2.2.5 is the only way to go. Then I have a
question: Is it possible to use newer library, despite the fact that
systems administrator does not want to update it? How do I tell the linker
to use "local" standard library, instead of global one. If this is
possible, then I could get the latest library and install it in my home
directory. I understand that 2.1.3 and 2.2.5 should have the save
interface (*.h files). Do they? If I follow this path,... Should there be
a match between the version of the standard library and the kernel
version? Could this cause the problem?

I hope I am not asking/talking too much. Thank you for your help,


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