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urgent request

From: timothy . koffi
Subject: urgent request
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 15:13:25 +0200

>  I need your help,I am Timothy koffi  Matambu, the son of a  Late
>during the reign of mobutu seseko,  I came to know you in the course
>search for  a reliable and God fearing partner and I decide  to contact
>because I believe you are a reputable
>  person and I felt you can help us over this  confidential matter.
I count
>on your intergrity and honesty to be  able to handle this business.
>  My father was a minister in Democratic Republic of  Congo during
the reign
>of Late President Mobutu.
>  Our father was killed during the rebel attack and  our house was
>manage to escape to Ghana with  my mother and two of my sisters  where
>are now taking refuge.Before the death of my father he deposited
>US50  MILLION, with a  security  company in Europe.The money is kept
>trunk boxes
>  and was registered as precious substance. Thus there  is  nobody
>that it is money that is in the  box.
>  All the document with which the money was deposited  is
>  with us. I am lookinf for somebody to that is  capable
>and willing to travel to any part of   Europe to
>  receive the two trunk boxes of money on behalf of my  family from
>security company.
>  We need a trust worthy and experience person that  will
>  help us to invest this money in your country  and  take  us as one
>and will also buy a house for us  over there where we can live safely.
>  We are expecting to hear from you.Please contact me  on
>  this Email Address: address@hidden 
>Thanks for your  anticipated cooperation.please  include your telephone
>number and fax number in  your reply
>Best Regards,

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