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release function

From: Ross Miller
Subject: release function
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 11:01:56 -0600

  I believe that I've found a bug in the rename function, or at least
discrepancy between its behavior and the behavior described in the man
page.  The man page says that rename should be able to overwrite a
directory, provided the directory is not is use.  That is, the call:
  rename( "olddir", "newdir") 
should succeed, even if newdir exists, provide it is not use by the
system.  However, on RedHat 8, RedHat 9 and Suse 8.2, rename returns
EBUSY in this situation.  These distributions uses glibc version 2.3.2.

However, on RedHat 7.1 (glibc 2.2.2), rename succeeds in this
 It looks to me like a change was made sometime between 2.2.2 and
though I did not see anything about it in the Changelog file.  Again,
don't know if this is a bug in glibc, or a case where the change in
behavior was intentional and the man page needs to be updated, but I
would appreciate it if someone would look in to this.

-Ross G. Miller

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