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RE: Make glibc

From: Tuninetto, Paolo
Subject: RE: Make glibc
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 16:12:17 +0200

Hi Javier, your is a known problem ghat the latest glibc has if compiled with gcc3.3
You'll find explanation & patch at the following link.
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From: Javier Talens [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: mercoledì 18 giugno 2003 12.26
To: address@hidden
Subject: Make glibc

First of all sorry for my bad english, i will put after in spanish.
I have dowloaded the lastest version of glibc, make, linuxthreads gcc and gperf and binutils 2.14
i do this for compile: (after intalling make, glibc and gpref)
tar jxvf glibc.tar.bz2
cp linuxthreads.tar.bz2 glibc/
cd glibc/
tar jxvf linuxthreads.tar.bz2
cd ..
makedir temp
cd temp
./../glibc/configure -enable-kernel=2.5.69 --with-headers=/usr/src/linux-2.5.69/include -enable-add->
it configures succes, but when i try to do make in the funcion sscanf.o (in stdio-common directory) an *** error appears and i don´t know for what, i readed the faq but nothing about this is asked or answered only a thing about testing versions.
I am usin Linux Debian SID whit kernel 2.5.69, it´s something wrong with this?
the packets are the last, i thinks that can remember the versions:
make 3.8.0
glibc 2.3.2
binutils 2.14
gperf 3.0.1
gcc 3.3
Thanks for all.
Buenas tengo la version Linux Debian sid con kernel 2.5.69.
Me he bajado las ultimas versiones de los paquetes:
make 3.8.0
gperf 3.0.1
binutils 2.14
gcc 3.3
glibc 2.3.2
Despues de instalar todo, me dispongo a instalar la version de glibc 2.3.2
la descomprimo (con los pasos de arriba) y me creo un directorio temporal, desde ahi hago el configure, y cuando voy a hacer el make, al rato me aparece un error en la funcion sscanf (fichero sscanf.o en el directorio stdio-common) y no se que puede ser.
Es algun problema mio? o un fallo?
Gracias por todo.


                Javier Talens Segui




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