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wrapping glibc connect/accept functions

From: Toby Murray
Subject: wrapping glibc connect/accept functions
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 15:11:53 +0930
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I'm working on a project in which we require the socket functions (specifically: connect, accept, read, write, and the others for reading and writing TCP sockets etc.) to be wrapped by code for authentication.

the platform is Linux kernel using the glibc libraries.
This wrapping needs to be done at the userlevel, (besides I don't have the inclination to mess with the implementation of these functions in the kernel).

I believe that these functions (which under Linux just make the socketcall system call) are provided by glibc but can't actually find the code for them in the glibc source (I'm using version 2.2.93) Whereabouts in the glibc source is the actual implementation of these functions that then goes and makes the system call? - I don't want to modify these functions, merely rename them and create an identical wrapper to do some extra processing...

I've spent about the last two hours looking but can't actually find the file in which the (for example)

int connect(.... params etc ...){
..body etc...

exists within the glibc source...
can you help me out?

thanks alot

Toby Murray
Advanced Computer Capabilities Unit
Information Networks Division
Defence Science and Technology Organisation
Edinburgh, South Australia

Phone: (08) 8259 4134
Email: address@hidden

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