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Re: pthread_cond_signal hangs with glibc 2.3.2

From: Andreas Jaeger
Subject: Re: pthread_cond_signal hangs with glibc 2.3.2
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 16:48:36 +0200
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Truxton Fulton <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> I recently installed redhat 9 and found that my program
> that runs well on other platforms got deadlocked.
> I tracked it down to a call to pthread_cond_signal which
> never returns.  The condition variable was properly
> created.  I installed the rpm update for glibc which
> makes a reference to bugfixes for pthread_cond...
> but the problem persisted.  I couldnt find anything
> similar in the gnats bug database.
> Is this a known problem?

Not that I'm aware of.  Can you provide a small example that shows the
bug?  It could also be a bug in your application,

 Andreas Jaeger, address@hidden, http://www.suse.de/~aj
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