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Dear Friend

From: henry zulu
Subject: Dear Friend
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 19:59:39 +0200

EMAIL: address@hidden  
TELL + 229 687191


First and formost i will like to introduce my self to you, My name is 
kukumu H . zulu mendosa the son of Prof. ZULU MENDOSA 
who died early last year. Before this terrible situation he was
the chairman of Makenne Diamond Miners Association in Sierra Leone.
I discovered in his closet a secret file with a document containing an 
amount of US$12.5 million with some diamonds which he has deposited with
 a security company in Africa.

I then presented the certificate of depo-sit with my mother and my 
family lawyer BARRISTER OSCAR JUMON to the legal department of the 
security company.We were made to understand that there is a standing 
order agreement between the company and my late father which stipulates 
that not until a reliable foreign partner has been presented by the next
 of kin which is myself for life line investment abroad, on no account 
should this merchandise be released to 
the next of kin.

I would be very grateful if you could assist me as my late father's 
foreign partner for onward claim from the company since all the legal
documents to back up this claim as a new beneficiary is at hand which
BARRISTER OSCAR JUMON will personally present with an application for a 
change of ownership so that a certificate of ownership will be 
presented to you for easy claim of the fund .

I would be very grateful on the day we shall meet in the company 
premises since if you have finally got total control of this 
merchandise there are certain bills which I and my mother will like to
upset before we finally leave Africa to the country of your heart 
desire for reliable investment.

I would like you to keep this as your topmost secret and 
cnfidentiality in life.

Please get back to me or BARRISTER OSCAR JUMON 
email: address@hidden  the moment you receive this message 
since time is not on our side. please you can call +229 687191

note: Percentage is negotiable.

Best regards.

EMAIL: address@hidden  

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