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From: Taylor Donaldson
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 09:46:43 -0400

Good day, 

It is an opportunity for me to know you and your honourable self and the 
position you now occupy. 
I am Donaldson Taylor the son of President Charles Taylor of Liberia. And 
presently I am in The Netherlands where I reside. 

However, because of the accusation of the various groups and the lessons my 
father learnt during the days of Late President Samuel Doe, he has made all 
arrangement for we his children to be relocated in various countries of the 
world where there is lasting peace and investment opportunities. 

Presently, with his connections through Sierra Leone where he has been accused 
of supporting the uprising there and which later led to the present problem we 
are now having in our country, he made arrangement with a Security firm with 
the assistance of our personal aid Capt. Gerard Domion to move to Amsterdam The 
Netherlands some funds for safe keeping. The fund is now in the possession of 
the security firm in The Netherlands. 

This fund which is U.S$16,400,000:00 (Sixteen million, four hundred thousand 
United States dollars) needs to be claimed and transferred to an account that 
you will have to provide as a TRUSTWORTHY partner. 

My father has advised that this money be kept very confidential and injected 
into a very viable INVESTMENT that I will be able to find, with the assistance 
of a trustworthy partner. 

The reason for the funds to be kept very confidential is because of the war 
crime charges the United Nation is planning to take legal action against him. 
And you know that once that is done, he can be jailed and all known asset and 
funds of his, will be sieze. 

This is the motivating basic factor that he has asked me to seek for a 
trustworthy partner in whose named account this funds will be transferred into 
to avoid trace in the future. 

I do not want to contact just any body regarding this funds and safe keeping of 
this funds but someone of great trust and integrity, who can give his words and 
his words are always his BOND. 

If you are interested in assisting me get this funds from the security firm and 
investing it, please indicate so in your response to this e-mail: 

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation. 

Faithfully yours, 
Donaldson Taylor.

Taylor Donaldson
e-mail: address@hidden

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