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From: Mr. Duke Nze
Subject: BELOVED !
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 04:33:06 -0700


Calvary greeting in Jesus Name Amem.I am making this contact with you based on 
the reliable information available to me concerning your reputation.

The information is so positive as to convince me that you would be capable to 
provide me with a solution to a money transfer of Five million, five hundred 
thousand United States Dollars.

I am Mr. Duke Nze, 48 years old, also a driver to Late Engineer Duncan Njei, a 
Canadian National who lived here and was murdered with unknown beneficiaries by 
unknown gunmen on 15th June 2002 after his inteligent discovery on the Gold 
mining in Ghana-Africa. Before he finally gave up in the hospital,he made me to 
understand that he deposited the total sum of Five million, Five
hundred thousand United State Dollars in a nearby country with a security firm 
and After his death, i was able to locate the documents relating to that 
deposit with the security company.

I have tried with all possibility to claim this consignment funds from the 
cargo company but following the principles and procedures of the diplomatic 
company that i must provide the next of kin to that deposit with the deposit 

I want to be assure of any safe hand and your honesty to assist me as the next 
of kin to this deposit and then after by sending your Particulars to enable me 
start off with all the shipping arrangement and forwarding it to the company 
while you stand for the release of the consignment as the beneficiary, more 
also, this transaction is 100% risk free since I have the legal document 
covering this deposit which shall be forwarded to you
before your claims.

We shall further discuse what will be your commission in return for your 
assistance as the next of kin.

I must demand a high degree of trust & honesty from you since this is the only 
opportunity of my future life since Engineer Duncan is dead.

Awaiting Your Immediate reply as The nature of our communication is of utmost 
importance hence you should reach me immediately.

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Duke Nze.

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