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Hot Openings-Bay Area 10-22

From: Vijay Tailor
Subject: Hot Openings-Bay Area 10-22
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 08:59:59 -0400




Hi  Here is my contact info along with some HOT Job Descriptions in the Bay area. Please also pass to your friends who are looking.... Talk to you soon

Vijay Tailor
1-888-743-4206                                             ALL POSITIONS ARE DIRECT HIRE!



You will be responsible for chipsets, reference designs, and software solutions for high-speed wireless applications in a variety of market segments. Specific duties will include the following:
· Define feature requirements for new and existing products
· Competitive analysis
· Project scheduling and management
· Develop marketing strategies to increase revenue and market share
· Effectively work with Engineering, Operations, Quality Assurance,
Sales, Marketing, and Customers to successfully introduce and
manage wireless chipsets, reference designs, and software

5  years of Product Management experience with a semiconductor
and/or networking systems company
· Strong background in the following areas: Wireless products, PC
architecture, LAN networking equipment
· Experience in bringing new products to market and/or significantly
increasing market share of existing products
· Strong analytical and business decision making skills
· Strong interpersonal and communications skills
· Customer-focused, high-energy, and the ability to work autonomously

BS degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or related field; MBA a strong plus






    • Be involved from definition and design stages to release to production of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits.
    • Generate creative solutions for a variety of needs such as high resolution, high accuracy, low power, low current, and high speed.
    • PhD/MSEE and 10+ years of experience in analog IC and power supply design
    • Must have a good intuitive and mathematical understanding of transistor-level design, stability analysis, and signal processing theory (analog and digital filters, general communications theory, etc.)
    • Must understand layout issues with respect to analog performance
    • Must have the ability to direct layout and mentor junior engineers
    • CMOS experience is required, and bipolar or BiCMOS experience is helpful


Chip level signal integrity engineer  (Could be 150k or greater package)


Define, specify, test, and debug high speed single-ended and differential I/O for a given bandwidth requirement (predriver, on-chip decoupling, termination, physical design rules, etc.). Develop on-chip power and noise management techniques. Thorough clocking and timing analysis of I/O interface. Work with PLL/DLL/PDB (programmable delay block) design/implementation, SerDes, XAUI interfaces


Must have transistor level circuit design background and knowledge of standard interfaces (HSTL, SSTL, LVDS, CML). Must know common high speed I/O design techniques (deskew, equalization, PVT compensation). Knowledge of semiconductor processes and ASIC technologies. Must have lab experience and knowledge of how to run HSPICE, Spectre. Able to work independently. Good communication skills for working with vendors and design teams


Requires MSEE/CS combined with 5-7 years of related experience, or BSEE/CS combined with 7-10+ yrs related experience.




CAD Engineer



Staff, Senior Staff or Principle Engineer role. Responsible for supporting all back-end CAD functions. Front-end experience is a plus.


  • Has completed multiple large-scale transistor-level analog / digital circuit designs for shipped products.
  • Extensive experience (10+ years) in CAD back-end support. Front-end support is a plus.
  • Hands-on experience circuit design tools (Cadence Layout, Avant!/Nassda Circuit simulators, Synopsis, Hercules, Calibre, etc.).
  • Experience with SRAM / DRAM / Flash CAD support.
  • Solid background in supporting deep sub-micron design flows.
  • Experienced in: C, C++, Unix Shell, Cadence Skill, Perl, etc.
  • BS, MS, or PhD in EE or related field.
  • Support for full automation, development and maintenance of deep sub-micron design flow.
  • Hands-on responsibility for all CAD help center.
  • Real-time support of tape out issues. Automate and bullet-proof the process.
  • Support for multiple foundries and multiple processes




 Design of analog and mixed signal integrated circuits, including linear and switching power supply devices, and mixed-mode power and thermal management system Ics


Define new products, working closely with Marketing, Applications, and customers. As lead Design Engineer, create new product schematics, perform simulations, and validate silicon. Supervise physical layout of chip. Participate in cross-functional development teams from product definition to production release


Minimum 8 years semiconductor industry experience, designing high precision analog and switched cap circuits in sub-micron CMOS technologies. Expertise using automated design tools (Cadence preferred). Must have successfully market released at least 5 products. BSEE required, MSEE preferred




Product Engineer


You will work closely with Design/Test and Manufacturing groups to coordinate the introduction of new products. Will be responsible for monitoring yield trends, analyzing and determining yield limiters and continuously improving product yields. Responsibilities will also include product characterization of skew lots; WAT data analysis; determining test/design margins and establishing data sheet parameter limits. You will work with design, test and applications groups to resolve customer returns. Will work with off-shore manufacturing partners to facilitate production release and transfer of new products to high volume manufacturing


Must have a BSEE degree with a MSEE preferred and 3-5 years of direct semiconductor experience in a product engineering/yield analysis and enhancement role. Teradyne/Catalyst ATE experience is desirable. Must have excellent communication skills, enjoy working in a team environment and be able to be effective in a fabless semiconductor environment. Should have a good background in driving projects to completion and must be able to work with minimal supervision




Responsible for designing, developing, and optimizing memory cells used in high speed SRAM arrays



  • Principle engineer in the design and optimization of semiconductor devices put into high volume production.
  • Extensive experience (5+ years) in semiconductor device physics and strong knowledge of two carrier device physics (BJT’s, thyristors, etc.).
  • Hands-on experience with device/process simulation tools (Medici, Atlas, Supreme, Athena) and semiconductor device characterization/measurement equipment.
  • Strong knowledge of process integration.
  • Familiarity with circuit design and layout preferred.
  • Experience with memory technologies preferred.
  • MS or PhD in EE, Physics, or related field.
  • Conceptualize, simulate, evaluate, characterize and improve Company devices in ultra-high density arrays.
  • Determine, assess, and resolve reliability issues.

Interface with process integration, circuit design, and layout engineers




We are seeking an experienced engineer to ensure our European customers success at designing and using Company  products. The Candidate will be expected to support external engineering resources in-region as well as other design partners globally. Will be responsible for replicating customer issues as identified by field application engineering and opening bugs if needed. You will own the internal resolution/escalation for the reported issues until an agreeable resolution is found. Must have a demonstrated ability at linking a partners design activity to internal engineering, sales and product management teams. Will be required to create Support Bulletins and Application Notes to help answer technical product and implementation questions from customers. Will be responsible for holding quarterly technical training sessions for Field Application Engineers, providing them with updates on Company  technology, product features and function, as well as other tools required to assist in accelerating customer adoption, debug and revenue


Must possess a BSCS (MSCS preferred) with 8+ years of experience. Must have experience in network related semiconductor business as well as 2-3 years supporting European customers in at least France, Germany, UK and The Netherlands. Ideal candidates should have a strong understanding of wireless LANs, current shipping PC Operating Systems(including Linux), as well as 3+ years experience in device driver and/or embedded development. Excellent communications skills in English are required and fluency in any of the native (Non-English) languages of the noted countries above is highly desirable. Experienced in using the latest debugging tools and demonstrated ability in the processes of bug isolation.




Requires self-directed leadership of design-in effort at Major OEM, resolution of Technical issues, Must have knowledge of Frequency Synthesis, PLLs, jitter specs and have an existing knowledge and relationship with Strategic Bay Area accounts.

Also must have strong verbal/written communication skills to present ICS product offering, present customer requirements back to factory personnel. Test Equipment, Analysis Tools also required.

Experience Required:

IC Sales/FAE, 5 years of Engineering experience with 10 years with customer contact or Technical Marketing with strong clock (timing/PLL)background.


BSEE Required




  • Architecture development
    • Develop software architecture for future generations of  chipsets in the areas of Ethernet, MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay etc.
    • Be part of the architecture development team, developing future generations of  chipsets.
    • Understand feature requirements from systems perspective and map these requirements to software architecture. Contribute to hardware/software trade-off discussions.
  • Develop and present architectural implementation and algorithms to customers. Explain feature implementation to customers. Understand requirements from key customers and translate them to architecture and explain implementation to engineering.
  • Support the chip development process with architecture and systems expertise during RTL development, simulation, emulation, and chip validation phases.
  • Support technical marketing team in resolving pre-sales systems related issues. Also support the applications team in resolving post-sales systems related issues.
  • Standards expert
    • Interprets and explains standards to engineering
    • Attends standards bodies

Required Skills and Experience:

  • BSEE; MSEE or Ph.D. preferred
  • 10+ years of experience in networking industry with working knowledge of various protocols - Ethernet, MPLS, ATM, Frame Relay etc
  • At least 3 years experience developing software for networking or telecommunications systems.
  • At least 5 years experience architecting at the VLSI level with strong background in making hardware and software feature tradeoffs and feature/cost tradeoffs.





Join our team of engineers responsible for the specification, design, and verification of the next generation of wireless networking ASICs. This position requires a team player to work with our architects and designers to explore ideas for our next generation products and then develop simulation environments to exercise hardware and software in ways we have not yet anticipated.

Skills and Education Requirements

Requires an MSEE with four (4) or more years of experience. Significant experience with hardware simulation and bringup is required with a proven track record of delivering successful ASICs to market. You should have a strong background in computer architecture, software and knowledge of networking protocols. Experience with wireless networking (particularly 802.11 and cryptography) is an advantage.






Job Responsibilities: Major responsibilities include leading the micro-architecture development effort & management of a design team responsible for RTL design, block level verification, synthesis, formal verification & timing closure.


Job Requirements: Proven track record with micro-architecture development for high complexity sub-micron SoC developments including use of design tools such as Verilog, Synopsis/Ambit, DFT & timing closure tools. Must be proficient in RTL design, ASIC design flows including working with the physical design team for layout, timing closure & final chip tapeout. Management & leadership skills must include experience with recruiting, management & technical guidance for team members. Strong communication skills required with the ability to work in a team environment. Domain knowledge in networking protocols such as Ethernet, MPLS & ATM is required.


Education: MSEE with 8+ yrs experience in RTL & ASIC/SoC development






Staff, Senior Staff or Principle Engineer role. Responsible for high speed TTL, LVTTL, HSTL and other higher speed I/O buffers, ESD, on-chip termination, and related analog & logic function blocks design


  • 10+ years experience in high speed I/O, ESD, on-chip termination, and related analog & logic circuit design. Thorough understanding of transmission line effects.
  • Experience in deep sub-micron, high-speed designs.
  • Hands-on experience in deep sub-micron, high-speed circuit design tools (HSpice, DRC / LVS, schematic, layout, etc.).
  • Involvement in high-volume designs preferred.
  • Some knowledge of process integration and device physics preferred.
  • BS, MS, or PhD in EE or related field.


  • Responsible for high speed TTL, LVTTL, HSTL and other higher speed I/O buffers, ESD, on-chip termination, and related analog & logic function blocks design.
  • Oversee layout designers execution of your designs to minimize various effects such as noise, crosstalk, mismatch, etc.
  • Support the debug and test of developed circuitry





We require a hands-on manager to manage a highly experienced team developing software for a Wireless Local Area Network bridge product. The manager of this team will be expected to contribute on product strategy, create development plans to meet that strategy and to manage the execution of that plan. In addition, the manager will be expected to contribute to the development on an as needed basis. Experience of developing and managing development of networking products, such as bridges, switches, routers etc, is required. The successful candidate will have experience of embedded system development, RTOS, embedded microprocessors, networking hardware, TCP/IP and other commonly used LAN protocols. Experience of Wireless Local Area Networking, especially IEEE 802.11, will be valued very highly. Greater than 12 years of development experience, with greater than 4 years as a manager, and a bachelors or masters computer science or EE degree is required



Develop device driver software fro USB, Ethernet, IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.3. Write software for the implementation of MAC protocol in conjunction with Windows device drivers. Familiar with the Window DDK/WinDBG environment for NDIS development. Develop C/C++ software for real-time embedded systems and Window platforms through 802.11 MAC protocol. Knowledge of UML design is a plus.
Req. BSEE/BSCS + 3 yrs. related exp






5-7 Years Experience

EE Degree

Amkor, ChipPAC, ASAT,







·         ·         Team Leader: Senior Staff or Principle Engineer role. Responsible for designing very high performance memory cores, other high performance blocks and complete chips.

  • Has completed multiple large-scale transistor-level analog / digital circuit designs for shipped products.
  • Extensive experience (10+ years) in circuit design in position offered or similar position.
  • Proven record of leading small team while continuing as an individual, technical contributor.
  • Hands-on experience circuit design tools (SPICE, DRC/LVS, schematic, layout, etc.).
  • Experience with mass-volume production designs preferred.
  • Some knowledge of process integration and device physics preferred.
  • MS or higher in EE, E&CE, Physics, or related field.
  • Responsible for designing very high performance memory cores, other high performance blocks and complete chips.
  • Design low-power, high-speed, high-density memory circuitry.
  • Develop, evaluate, and simulate various levels of circuit structures.
  • Oversee layout designers execution of your designs to minimize various effects such as noise, cross talk, mismatch, etc.
  • Support the debug and test of chips





·         We are looking for a Verification Engineer with 8-10 years of experience in verifying complex ICs. You will be involved in both chip-level and block/unit-level verification. Responsibilities also include chip level integration and IC backend support.

Defined and implemented RTL/gate level verification environments. Developed testbenches in Verilog and C PLI. Experienced with the formal verification, code coverage, and logic simulators (i.e. NCVerilog, VCS). Created and debugged tests for Verilog designs. Utilized scripting languages such as Perl and Tcl/Tk. Knowledgable in IC development from netlist to masks (Verilog RTL, sythesis, static timing (constraints), floorplanning, BIST/SCAN insertion, power analysis, package design). Networking experience is a plus. BSEE/CS required. MSEE/CS preferred.






  • 10 Years CMOS Analog Design
  • BSEE with Proven Efficiency in sub-micron mixed signal CMOS  Design
  • Familiar with Cadence Design Environment, Layout understanding, Analog Block Physical Design
  • PLL Design
  • ADC Design
  • Switched Cap Circuit Design
  • Analog or Mixed Signal Design with Project Level Responsibility






Design analog, mixed-signal and radio frequency circuits for an integrated CMOS transceiver. Circuits may include amplifiers, filters, data converters, phase locked loops, switched-capacitor circuits, power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, and mixers.

Work closely with layout designers as well as do own layouts. Work with system integration team to define specifications. Test prototypes and help develop production test methodology.

Minimum qualifications: MSEE and 2 years of relevant experience, strong circuit design skills, lab testing skills, enjoy working in a team environment.

Desired qualifications: PhDEE, experience with highly integrated mixed-signal circuits, radio system/architecture, CAD enhancements, ESD protection techniques, design for testability and manufacturability. Interest and ability to perform a wide variety of tasks. Knowledge of device physics and device modeling a plus






Will be responsible for developing software for wireless LAN products. This includes the design and development of protocols and algorithms for the WLAN environment. The right candidate will have demonstrable skills in design and analysis of algorithms and protocols. Should have experience in developing networking products, such as bridges, switches, routers etc., as well as in embedded systems development. Strong understanding of real-time embedded operations systems like VxWorks and Linux is a must. Should have good experience with network adapter drivers such as Ethernet, wireless and ATM. Must have C programming experience.

MSEE with 5 years of experience is required






 Focus will be the development of ICs for radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. Participate in product definition and formulation of strategies to achieve device performance goals and cost targets. Work cooperatively in a team of system engineers, IC designers, technology partners, test engineers, manufacturing engineers and process developers. Incorporate silicon into low cost, high volume products. This technology presents designers with exciting new opportunities to change the rules of silicon circuit realization.


Must have an understanding of solid-state devices, semiconductor processing, and experience in the design of MOS and bipolar transistors. Strong analog and digital design skills are required. Candidate will have successfully completed several mixed-signal IC designs, and will be expert in the used of CAD tools (e.g., Cadence, Mentor, or Tanner). An understanding of RF semiconductor design is required. Must be experienced in the design of low voltage / low power IC’s, and be familiar with parasitic effects in IC design. Candidate should be familiar with communication systems design


Candidate should have a BS or higher degree in electrical engineering or solid-state physics. A minimum of 4 years experience in mixed-signal IC design is essential. Design of RFID devices or systems is a strong plus






            Identify and exploit new market opportunities for assigned region and applications. Develop, define and support new product definitions and introductions.  Generate thorough and timely marketing collateral and training, including datasheets and application notes.  Visit customer’s engineering sites, assist in the design-win process.  Work with design and Product/Test engineer groups to accelerate product development and release cycle.



            5 years or less as a semiconductor product engineer, application engineer or product marketing engineer. BSEE a must, MBA or MSEE a plus.  Must also have exceptional verbal and written skills.  Understanding of PLLs and/or CMOS mixed signal devices a plus.  Must be able to use basic lab equipment, such as high speed Oscilloscope and Spectrum analyzer.






You will be responsible for new product introduction, working closely with design engineers to ensure product manufacturability. This will include process technology, package selection, yield and cost estimates. Will be responsible for establishing product data sheet parameter limits and ATE program test limits. Will handle product characterization with process skew lots over voltage and temperature ranges as specified in data sheets. You will work directly with the fab and design engineering for any corrective actions. Will have responsibility for continuously improving both wafer sort and final test yield, focusing on reducing product costs and test times. You will also support any RMA's includng verification, failure analysis, corrective action and issue final report and recommendations.


Must have a BS degree with a MS preferred and 10 - 15 years of direct semiconductor experience. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in semiconductor design and fabrication in 0.18 and 0.13 um CMOS. Should have good understanding of mixed-signal semiconducter IC product engineering and be experienced in wafer fabrication and assembly/test foundries. Must have a broad understanding of product operations including product test, quality, reliability, manufacturing logistics and be familiar with package technology, especially LPCC/QFN and BGQ. Prior experience in "start-up" environment and high volume production is a plus. Must have excellent communication skills, enjoy working in a team environment and be able to be effective in a fabless semiconductor environment





Requires BSEE and 0-8 years experience, and strong lab skills.

Candidates for this position must be experienced in the use of bench-top lab equipment to characterize IC devices.  Preference will be given to candidates with extensive experience in the use of oscilloscope, time interval analyzer, curve tracer, and spectrum analyzer to characterize phase-lock-loop devices (PLLs), and clock distribution devices.  Experience characterizing IC devices using digital vectors and/or ATE systems is not relevant and will not be considered for this position. Additional preference will be given to candidates with experience writing software to automate bench characterization using LabVIEW, or Visual C++.

Strong written and verbal communication skills required





You will be responsible for performing board level failure analysis to support RMA and customer issues.  Responsibilities include debugging and verifying functionality of AC/DC and DC/DC switch mode power supply (SMPS) modules to identify root causes of failure investigations.  Advise customers regarding corrective actions based on the results of analysis.

BSEE plus a minimum of 3 years experience.

Hands-on experience with AC/DC switch mode power supply testing and analysis.  Knowledge of AC/DC power supply design, transformer design, familiarity with CMOS and bi-polar integrated circuit products.  Must have demonstrated ability to work with customers. 





looking for a Sr. Analog Design Engineer to be responsible for the design of a new range of PWM Mixed Signal MOS circuits. A broad range of experience in PWM and HV CMOS designs will be necessary in this position. Knowledge of PLL design and ADCs a plus. The candidate must have a proven track record, good communication skills and be able to understand HV CMOS layout. QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must have a BS degree in Electrical Engineering , MS preferred, and a minimum of 6 years in design with product introduction into manufacturing. Also required is fluency in Spice and PC/ UNIX workstations.




Experience in signal integrity on PC motherboards and IC PLL design

In depth knowledge of transmission line theory and PCB Design for control of noise and EMI

Must be able to lab equipment: scopes, spectrum analyzer, time domain analyzer


Would like  BSEE or MSEE    5-10 Years Experience




 The goal of this position is to help develop Product Business Unit’s next-generation analog ICs. The successful candidate will be knowledgeable in analog ICs, mixed-signal ICs, and have experience in board level design. The candidate should also have good communication skills and be willing to do limited travel.

More specific duties include writing new product definitions, communicating/coaching FAEs in their new products, writing application notes/articles/design ideas, and assist design engineers in generating new product specifications. The corporate applications engineer will find it exciting evaluating new ideas, studying new concepts, pulling the ideas into definitions and supporting his definition from concept to a finished silicon product. 

The ideal candidate would be a board level designer with at least BSEE, 5 years of experience, analog design expertise, and some microcontroller exposure.  This is a very exciting opportunity at a company famous for its fast-paced new product innovation and the highest caliber engineers in the industry.


CORPORATE APPLICATIONS ENGINEER- Clock Synthesis & Distribution Products


Define leading edge clock IC products such as reference clocks, frequency synthesizers, fanout buffers, jitter filters, multipliers, and dividers that target PCs, video consumer products, and communications equipment. These applications range from 10MHz to 700MHz clock frequencies. Work with customers and Company IC design engineers to develop leading edge solutions which take advantage of  low cost manufacturing processes. Job responsibilities include equipment studies, product definition, and working with customers to get your circuits designed into next generation equipment.

Requirements:BSEE with at least 5 years of applicable IC product definition experience is required. Must be intimate with clock specifications and system requirements for various applications. Experience working at the system or board level and the ability to provide leadership for future products is expected.




Define leading edge ICs for target consumer applications such as DVDs, CD-RW, play stations, disc players, camcorders, digital cameras, and Plasma TV/Monitors. Work with customers worldwide and Company IC design engineers to develop leading edge solutions which take advantage of Maxim’s low cost manufacturing processes. Job responsibilities include equipment studies, product definition, and working with customers to get your circuits designed into next generation equipment.

BSEE with at least 5 years of applicable IC product definition experience is required. Must be intimate with IC needs and system specifications for various applications. and be able to provide leadership in future product direction. Experience working at the system or board-level and the ability to provide leadership for future products is expected




Define leading edge analog and mixed signal integrated circuits and chipsets for storage area networks, including enclosure systems, JBODs, fibre channel switches, and RAID systems. Work with customers and Company IC design engineers to develop leading edge solutions which take advantage of Maxim’s state-of-the-art SiGe, complementary bipolar, and BiCMOS processes. Job responsibilities include equipment studies, product definition, and working with customers to get your circuits designed into next generation equipment.

BSEE with at least 5 years of applicable product definition storage experience is required. Must be intimate with IC needs and system specifications for storage products. Experience working at the SAN system or board-level and the ability to provide leadership for future products is expected



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