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regcomp bug

From: Christopher Yeoh
Subject: regcomp bug
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 15:36:12 +1100

Calling regcomp like this:

        ret=regcomp(&preg, "a\\{1,10000\\}", 0);

takes a very long time or gets killed due to using too much memory
(The backtrace is *very* long). Smaller numbers for the higher limit
work, but get pretty slow. eg with an expression of "a\\{1,100\\}" the
small test program took about 0.5 second, with a\\{1,5000\\} it took
about 23 seconds.

Is this a bug in the implementation? I have been testing on glibc
2.3.2 (debian package libc6 2.3.2-9).


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