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From: sankar
Subject: pthread_cond_signal
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 10:25:13 -0800

I am using pthread condition variables for signalling puprpose. Basically I
have one thread waiting for a  signal from another thread.
The waiting thread(WT) is waiting in pthread_cond_timedwait(). The timeout
is 6 secs.

There is another thread which is supposed to signal this thread using
This signalling thread (main()) creates the waiting thread WT and sleeps for
5 secs. After coming out of sleep,
the signalling thread is calling pthread_cond_signal(), but nothing is
It is not returning from pthread_cond_signal() function at all and because
of which the waiting thread is also not getting the signal.
Hence all the threads are stuck. When I traced using strace, I cud see that
thrads are waiting on a mutex..
The below line was the trace from strace.
"futex(0x804a914, FUTEX_WAIT, 134523306, NULL)".

ANd this whole logic is in a shared object .so file.
Is this a known bug???

Pls help me out.

Thx in advance
Sankarshana M

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