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From: John Edwards
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 01:23:14 -0000


                  Blancco Data Cleaner

              Test our software for FREE 

Just email us your Name and Address and we will send you a full copy of Blancco 
Data Cleaner for you to use.

 Everyday, companies in the UK, dispose, donate or recycle thousands of 
redundant personal computers. They “Delete” or “Format” the hard drives before 
they leave the building to protect their sensitive data. Some rely on outside 
contractor to clean their data from the old machines. 

All over Europe there are cases of information being recovered after an 
outsourced contractor has supposedly removed the data 

Sounds familiar? 

 Did you know that by using basic “Data Recovery Software” available freely on 
the Internet, you can recover the majority of the data that was lost during the 
Delete and Format procedures.

 Every day, companies are unknowingly releasing sensitive information to 
anybody who wishes to retrieve it. 

  a.. This information includes documents containing: - 
  b.. Data Bases 
  c.. Personnel Records 
  d.. Client Records and Details 
  e.. Product Information 
  f.. Internal Memo's 
  g.. Business Plans 
  h.. Product Design and Development Projects 
  i.. Pricing Policies  
  j.. Bank Account Details 
  k.. Financial Records 
  l.. Etc……………….
The “Data Protection Act 1998” clearly states that “all reasonable care must be 
taken when disposing of Personal Data”. So, Simply Deleting Data is not 
sufficient in most cases. 

Blancco Data Cleaner has been designed to erase “ALL DATA” from a hard disk(s). 
Data Erasure is achieved by overwriting the whole physical hard disk, including 
the Boot Sectors, FAT and Data Surfaces. Overwriting meets and exceeds all 
current US Department of Defence and NATO specifications for the removal of 

Data Erasure Speed is approximately 20Mb per Second, making Blancco Data 
Cleaner the fastest available solution to securely erasing your sensitive data.

By utilising the On-Board Tools, Blancco Data Cleaner will allow you to 
re-format the drive and allows you to create new partitions ready for re-use. 

Upon completion of the erasure process, Blancco Data Cleaner will produce a 
Data Erasure Report, which includes a detailed analysis of the computer 
hardware configuration. 

This report will show the: - 

  a.. COMPUTERS NAME -  Model and Serial Number 
  b.. PROCESSOR –  Manufacture, Model and Speed 
  c.. MEMORY –  Manufacture, Model and Speed 
  d.. HARD DISK –  Manufacture, Model, Size and Serial Number 
  e.. NETWORK DEVICE –  Manufacture, Name and Speed  
  f.. SOUND CARD –  Manufacture, Name and Model 
  g.. GRAPHICS CARD –  Manufacture, Name and Model
This report can then be saved to a floppy disk and used to create a database 
(Excel) of all the machines that you wish to donate or recycle. This report can 
also assist you in maximising the resale value of the machine, as computer 
brokers can be sent this list and in turn, provide you with a  more accurate 
quote, thus giving you the best possible price.

 If you would like a “free” copy of Blancco Data Cleaner or receive any 
additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208-482-3076 
or email address@hidden


Blancco Cleans Everything: Permanently


John Edwards

Blancco UK

Direct Line 0208-482-3076

Tel:  020-8492-3562
Fax: 020-8492-0110
Web: www.blancco.com




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the sender immediately and destroy this email. Any unauthorized copying, 
disclosure or distribution of the material in this email is strictly forbidden.

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