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segmentation fault with glibc

From: Ramon Tarruella
Subject: segmentation fault with glibc
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 18:48:44 -0400

Hi, i'am emailing you this time, because i'am having a problem in a server
with red hat 7.3. I was trying to update glibc-2.2.5-34 to glibc-2.3.2-11.9
same for devel and common packages. The glibc-2.3.2-11.9 is now installed
but not the respective devel rpm so now I have:


Now I'am trying to install php-mysql-4.1.2-7.i386.rpm and I received the
message segmentation fault. It looks like something is broken now and it was
because I force to upgrade glibc . I cannot remove the installed glibc rpms,
I use --nodeps and I still receiving segmentation faults message. Is there
any posibility to repair this? Is there any posibility to have again the
glibc-2.2.5-34 for all packages? All I want is install the module
php-mysql-4.1.2-7.i386.rpm, but the status of the system don't allow me to
do that. I will aprecciate a lot if you can help me on this.

Wait for your answer


Ramon Tarruella

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