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From: TurkTough1
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 09:04:30 EST

To the Editor:


After years of trying to win favor with the European Union, Turkey stands at a crossroads. While admission into the Union would benefit both the EU and Turkey, the EU still has not set a date to begin negotiations on Turkey’s membership application.


For an organization that requests it members to abandon their religious, cultural and historic identities, the European Union itself has a very suspicious civil rights record. For example, Greece has promised the International Olympic Committee that a proper mosque will be available in Athens before the opening day of the games (Aug 13th). Embarrasingly, Athens still lacks an official place of worship for muslims. The European Union also appear to be a force behind the recent terror attacks in Istanbul, and have not been able to stream the tide of Neo-Nazi groups like the Skin Heads rampaging throughout Europe.  Perhaps the time has come to examine the true mission of the European Union and for countries like Turkey to stop trying to join a conglomerate of hate.


Turkey must learn from their mistakes, make a move to promote a stronger nation and should improve relations with U.S.A and Israel. Many requests of the EU are just unreasonable, and undermine the integrity and mission of Turkey; leaving them vulnerable to enemies they have not engaged in war with over 50 years.


 Murat Olgun

155-17 Sanford Avenue

Flushing, Queens, NY,  11355


Tel: 1-718-358-7278

















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