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From: Barrister Al Mohammed El Said
Subject: Private.
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 15:08:16 -0800

Dear Sir,
I am Barrister Al Mohammed El Said, Former Legal/family Attorney to the ousted 
Iraqi President General Saddam Hussein. I was Tortured and Incarncerated for 
speaking out against the Devilish and Inhumane actions of his son Uday Hussein.
While i was working with the former President, i was entrusted with many assets 
and Funds which i was keeping safe for the family, upon my release from Prison. 
all the assets and funds in my possession were all retrieved except a certain 
Fund amounting to the tune of $40,000,000.00(Forty Million United States 
Dollars) which is proceeds from Crude Oil sales of one of his numerous Oil 
Companies and i am the only person who knows about this Fund and also has all 
the necessary informations and Documents about the account which i will give to 
It is in view of the above facts that i am contacting you as a foreigner to 
help in transferring this Money abroad into your account as the current 
restrictions on travelling and other factors has made it impossible for me to 
do it as it was only possible for me to escape from Iraq to Kuwait from where i 
am currently contacting you.
We are going to sign a Binding agreement of Trust to makle sure that none of 
the parties involved will be cheated in the transaction as i will travel along 
with my family to your Country for sharing and Investments as soon as the ban 
on travelling and other restrictions is lifted.
You also have to note that after the successful transfer of the fund to your 
account, it will be shared as follows: you will be given 35% of the Total Fund 
for your services, 60% will be for me while the remaining 5% will be foir 
expenses incurred in the course of the transaction.
I look forward to your positive and co-operative response.
Barrister Al Mohammed El Said.

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