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From: brameenanu
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 23:17:01 GMT


I am brameen anu, the son of a victim of oppression in
Iraq. My father was a successful businessman in
Baghdad-Iraq, and not too long ago the Iraqi
presidential guards came into our house at about one
a.m, picked up my father, only to find him few days
later, dead in front of the house.At present we are
not also safe because they believe my father has been
financing the opposition group in support of the
Americans, but it's just a way of cleaning out the few
Christian minority in Iraq and this is the best time
to do so. We are Christian and my father happens to be
one of the few rich Christians in Iraq."
I want you to know that your government are actually
doing a great job to see that this tyrant gets out of
power.One thing we ask from you, on behalf of my
mother and sisters, is to please indicate your
interest in helping us secure a safe place for the
bulk of our father's funds in the bank over here
before the tyrant Iraqi government clamp on it."

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