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From: Netcom
Subject: NETCOM
Date: Mon, 22 dec 2003 00:05:33 +0100

Leading Touchscreen kiosk solution - Partnership offer for products distribution
NETCOM is a manufacturer of touch screen kiosks and associated services for over 7 years. We have already installed more than 500 kiosks in France and in Europe. Our competency centre includes 10 people.

We are looking for new country dealers to take part of our European Dealer Network.

In order to establish a partnership for the
distribution of our products, we offer you
to distribute our EXEME 170 and EXEME
140 touchscreen models.

As a partner, we offer you the EXEME 170
at the price of 2442 Euros
VAT excluded.
and the Exeme 140 for 2137 Euros, VAT
excluded. We advice you a public price of
2900 Euros for the EXEME 170 and 2427
Euros for the EXEME 140.

The delivery rate is 190 Euros, VAT excluded, per unit for the EXEME 170 and 134 Euros, VAT excluded, per unit for the EXEME 140.

The EXEME 170 is equipped with a DELL OPTIFLEX SX 260 including a 3-year warranty.

The IIYAMA LCD TFT screen and the tactile screen also have a 3-year warranty.

The access to our Hotline allows a first diagnosis for breakdowns which can be managed remotely.

The hardware maintenance of our products is simplified by a standard exchange under 24 H of the defective element from our stock.

A detailed brochure is provided for disconnection and reconnection of data-processing elements. These exchange operations can be carried out by non-specialists in data-processing maintenance.

A technical description of the EXEME 170 model is available at the following address :


The information about the EXEME 140 is available at :


A PDF-file is available on the following address

For the EXEME 170 :

For the EXEME 140 :

We also invite to visit our site :

http://www.netcom-agency.com/uk/exeme-visuals.htm for the consultation of EXEME 170 and EXEME 140 visual products.

I remain at your disposal should you require further information regarding our partnership agreement.

Best regards,




228 rue de la Convention
75015 PARIS France
Phone +33 (1) 42 93 73 22
Fax 33 (1) 42 52 90 87

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