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From: tukogambo5
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 17:34:14 +0200

Mr.Tuko Gambo
Finance Director
Development Bank of Seychelles
Independence Avenue,
P.O.Box 217, Victoria


Dear Future Partner,

Compliment of the day,

It is my intention to have this proposal addressed to
you via email which will be treated with utmost secrecy for protection of
my reputationif been considered interesting.

I am the Finance Director of the above named bank in
Seychelles and having discorvered a lump sum of money
to the tune of $36.5M that  was diverted to the
suspence account of our bank by the assisnated former
Minister of Finance,Government of Seychelles.

During the course of my investigation,I noticed that
the funds was diverted to our Suspence Account by the
Late Minister of Finance in order to move the funds to
the USA as this Bank been a Government Bank and
frequently used to move funds out of the Country.I
also requested the new Minister of Finance to check on
their records about this funds been approved and
released for project execution/payment and only to
return back to me confirming to me that such funds as
mentioned by me were not on records and have no idea
about such fund.
I have also checked with the Central Bank and there was no records of these
money and only to conclude that the gentleman wants to move this funds out
of his own personal benfits but unfortunately did not succeed on moving
the funds to oversee country before he meet his death as a result of his
personal problem with the Former Seychelles President.

Above all,I have concluded arrangement to claim the
funds as the funds has no record and cannot be traced
and in order to succeed to claim the funds,I need a
foreigner that will collaborate with me to stand as
the Owner/Beneficiary of the funds to enable me prepare all documents with
the person's name to claim the funds and to have the funds wired directly
to the person's account without any delay.Bear in mind that this is risk
free and nothing to fear about for your reputation and presonality will
be respected and protected as you are dealing with a professional Banker.

In order to work this deal out with you,I will offer
you 30% of the total funds while my 70% will be held-on-trust by you and
to be re-invested in a profit oriented business of your choice on my behalf.

Finally,if you are very much interested,able and willing to assist,Upon
receipt of your positive respond,I will provide you with detail information
on how to proceed in order to claim the funds.I will appreciate if you will
enclose your contact details to enable me call you and
explain better on telephone phone.(your cellphone#,
your private telephone land line# and private fax
I will be impatiently waiting to receiving your
response as this is our opportunity to make money for
opportunity come but once!!


Mr.Tuko Gambo.
Finance Director.
Developement Bank of Seychelles.

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