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Re: multiple pthread_cancel() problem

From: Wolfram Gloger
Subject: Re: multiple pthread_cancel() problem
Date: 10 Oct 2004 12:01:01 -0000


> I am facing a problem in a multithread program where I send multiple 
> pthread_cancels
> to a same thread from another thread.

Sounds like no "problem", but like misunderstanding..  You _cannot_
"send" multiple cancels!

> In the first thread Iam catching 
> this
> pthread_cancel signal and returning to normal operation as if cancel 
> signal has not come.
> This application works fine on Aix and Solaris but on Linux(redhat 9 
> Kernel version 2.4.20-8) 
> it is not working.

Thread cancellation is _not_ like a signal.  It's semantics are rather
different.  With LinuxThreads, cancellation is actually realized with
a signal _internally_, but that doesn't change the semantics.

> I would be greatful for your help and inputs in this regard. 
> I could recreate this problem with native pthread calls and setjmp/longjmp 
> calls. The 
> following mail gives complete  information about the problem.
> Here is the testcase to recreate the problem:

You omitted the testcase!

However, I suspect that when you do multiple pthread_cancel()s, the
thread is _gone_ on Linux by the time you perform the second
pthread_cancel() call.  This is most probably how it should be.

> The pthread_clear_exit_np() function clears the exit status of the thread. 
> This function is not portable 

... and it is not available on Linux.  (I'd like to add: _fortunately_
it is not available, as I absolutely cannot see a point in it)

> Is there any alternative(or any APIs available) here to make above 
> testcase 
> to run with expected o/p similar to AIX/SOLARIS. Can you pls let me know 
> where
> Iam going wrong here. 

Well, if you want signals, you know where to find them.  Try
pthread_kill().  But note that it is really hard to mix signals and
threads correctly and usefully.


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