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Please verify your results

From: istlearning
Subject: Please verify your results
Date: 16 Oct 2004 15:06:56 -0500


Let Our Experts Help You Increase The Profitability Of Your Small Business


Dear Entrepreneur:

Imagine having access to the "best of the best" experts to advise you on running your own profitable small business?  And what if you also had the latest tools and materials available from leading authors on leadership and business?  Would you then take advantage of these resources to learn everything you could about how to run and increase the profitability of your small business? 

As a limited time offer, Triad Learning Systems is making such an opportunity available to you!  We have partnered with leading real estate, Internet, and small business experts ready to share their wealth generating secrets and advice.  We have also spent years assembling and developing leading-edge tools necessary to help you achieve success in these fields.  If you are motivated to achieve success, we can guide you to that success in a very personalized program at a very affordable rate.

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Now through October 31, 2004, you may enroll in a personalized coaching and mentoring program, tailored to your specific needs, while also receiving a wealth of information resources.  These programs will help you make money, build upon your success, and duplicate your efforts in ways that will quickly grow your wealth.


We have designed the program so it is very affordable. It is only $99 to start and $99 per month.  This investment has over and over proven to pay for itself and increase the profits of our clients.  Our goal is to help you achieve your goals: success and ultimately ... financial independence! 


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Our team is here to help transform your future.  Whether you are a novice seeking to capitalize on these "hot" business markets or an expert seeking to refine your skills, we can take you to the next level and help you achieve success.  Invest in yourself and let our experts help you reach your financial goals!

Bonus!  Respond immediately to this opportunity and we will send you our best-selling e-book, Personal Money Manager, normally a $19.95 value, at no charge, with our compliments!  It teaches you how to conquer debt, master the market, and make the most of your financial future.

Call us now at (800) 350-5058 ext. 1213 and mention code AZ732 to get the Bonus, or visit us online to find out more

If you have already received a telephone contact from us about this offer, please forgive our enthusiasm for your success and disregard this notice!

To Your Success,

Richard Old

Director of Coaching

phone: 1.800.350.5058 ext. 1213






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