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Does your school have website?

From: patrick.lee
Subject: Does your school have website?
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 05:55:02 -0500

Dear School teacher or administrator,

Hello.  My name is Patrick, and I’m the vice president of Make it Web,
Inc.  I’m very excited to introduce to you i-Montessori, website creation
service.  The i-Montessori (https://www.i-montessori.com) is designed help
you create and manage your school website without the knowledge of any
programming or scripting languages.

I’m sure that you have been asked by the prospect parents whether you have
website where they can get more information about your school.  Your can
proudly say “Yes” with help of i-Montessori.  Your school website can be
up and running within minutes then, you would just type into word
processor-like editor to populate your school information.

That’s not all.  Once your school website is created, you can build school
community where your staff, students and their parents could join to share
information, photos, conduct survey, make announcements, send newsletters
to registered members, and create classroom-level community where only
members of classroom can share information privately.  These could be
managed all by yourself not by some their party webmasters or costly web

Please try it yourself.  Come visit us at https://www.i-montessori.com and
find out how affordable i-Montessori is.  Sign up for totally risk-free
21-days trial.  You are not required to give us your credit card
information until you decide to continue using i-Montessori.  If you do
not like what you see, simply do nothing, your trial account will end
automatically and removed without any questions asked.

I will look forward to serve you and your school.

Best regards,

Patrick Lee
Vice President
i-Montessori Division
Make it Web, Inc.

* Please do not consider this is a spam.  You will never get email from us
again regarding this offer.

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