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From: Victoria Dabou
Subject: RE-LOCATE
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 23:43:05 +0100

I am writting this letter with due respect and heartful of tears since we have 
not known or met ourselves previously I am asking for your assistance after I 
have gone through a profile that speaks good of you. I want to find out if it's 
possible for you to deal with individual as to investment .
 I am Miss Victoria Dabou Kagame and my Brother  Eden,we are the children to 
late Lieutenant Kagame  from Rwanda  , Director of External Intelligence at the 
Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI).Rwanda who was murdered during the 
problem in Rwanda with one of my  brother by his bosom Friend Mr.Mbundu,Rwandan 
businessman based in Kampala, Uganda when they seek refuge in his house.
We the family members knew that Mr.Mbundu ploted my father's death because he 
acused my late father of cheating him out of a Diamond deal.our mother was 
murdered after two weeks of the burial of my father by unknown person ,It was 
this reason our Family Lawyer advised us to leave the country for our safty 
with some of my father's vital business documents.
We are now in dakar senegal under UNHCR with these papers' because afterthe 
death of Our father our uncle started to persecute us over my father's 
properties which he later snatched from us under treathning,and enventual death 
of my mother.now there is nothing we can do than to run for our life' which is 
very important to us as regards the advise of our lawyer.we are in critical 
condition to be under refugee with fears and sleepless nights and to compare 
with senegal where things are very hard every
thing is highly expensive and can not afford anything in a condition like this.
There is nothing we can do now because i can not decide to go into 
prostitution' thats over my dead body.The the only hope and source of our 
happiness at this times is that our father deposited some of money in 
Bank.inside the WILL he advice that the money will only release to us with his 
foreing partiner which he did not mention any name,please that is why i need 
your assistance over this transaction. which I am the only person that is aware 
of it and the next of kin.,the whole documments and contacts are with 
me,because my father loves me very much that was why he gave me every 
information about that money through our faithful lawyer. now I have called the 
Bank and they told me that unless I have some body who will represent me with 
all the documments that is requared' that they are not going to release the 
money to me. so this is why i am looking for a reliable person that will go for 
it on my behalf to have the money retransfered to your account or a seperet 
account and help me to come over and meet with you.Please ,I am not trying to 
force this thing on you but its just a proposal so if you are intrested or know 
any body who will be willing to help me,feel free to write
me for more informations.Remember this money is my life line and this
information must be kept secrete for the seck of my life.
My Best Regards  address@hidden(

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