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From: elizabethtoon
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 18:42:57 +0300 (MSK)

Good day.

 I hope this does not come to you as a surprise, since we have never 
before. I am Mrs. Elizabeth Toon a mortician living in London.

 I hereby write this mail to ask for you help on a matter of which I 
is of good importance to me and also on which I happen to be helpless.
Recently I recieve a notice from an attorney here in London who made 
me to
understand that I have inherited a sum from a late priest who used to 
be the
morgue priest who did all prayer for the dead. This priest had been 
sent on
transfer since last year to a place which I know not. Its is only 
the attorney\'s notice that I am aware of his death. This attorney made 
me to
understand that all I needed to do was to present my identification and
passport in order for the inheritance forms to be processed and the
inheritance procedure starts immediately.Because of this I seek your 
due to the fact that I happen to me a senegalese and also an illegal
immigrant seeking asylum here in London, so with this I cannot present 
papers to the attorney because I have none.

 So I beg for you help to collect this sum of money as the attorney 
tell me
that I have less than one month to claim it. I would be very grateful 
happy if you can pesent your identification in my place and collect 
money, I have told attorney that someone can help me collect this 
money on
my behalf and he agreed to assist.

 Let me ask for a favour, I am a poor God fearing person and this money
means a lot to me and my peasant family back home in senegal at least 
if I
get the money I can get legal resident papers for myself, please I am
putting my hope in your hands because I have no idea of how these 
works and I hope i can trust you not to dissapoint me or leave with the
money. The money is US$750,000 and i will give you some when you ghelp 
collect it.

 Please let me know when you get this letter so that i can give you the
lawyer\'s contact, as he is await my soonest response. And I would also 
for your patience in my late reply of any of your mail, this is 
because I
have very small access to the internet and this my email is hard to 
here so you can reply at another email which open easy
address@hidden ,

 Thank you for your patience and understanding. And also bear with my
english, is poor.
 God bless you.


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