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It is humanity,join me,please reply

From: louestradax1
Subject: It is humanity,join me,please reply
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 11:39:58 -0000

Dear  Friend.
I wish to plead with you to join me in not only serving
humanity, but to also benefit in the process. 
This message could be strange but reality will definitely dawn
on you,if you pay some attention to its contents.Please accept
my sincere apologies. In bringing
this message to you, I have to say that I have no intention of
causing you any personal pains or discomfort.
My name is Loues Ejercito Estrada, wife of His Excellency Joseph
Estrada, former President of The Philippines. 
My husband was recently impeached from office by a backed
uprising of mass demonstrators and the Senate and He his
presently in jail.
I realized some reasonable amount of money from various deals
that I successfully executed, during my husband's regime as
President of Philippines.The said  amount is $28.7m.
>From past experiences, many people I had regarded as close 
friends had capitalized on my family's travail to run away with
our money. So i ask for your  trust and confidence.
I need your assistance to act as my foreign partner, to allow 
send the funds to you, and YOU,in turn, 
would donate a portion of it(15%) as  humanitarian gesture to
those in need in my country and other war torn country by
purchasing such essential needs like blankets, milk ,food ,drugs
,creating shelter, water-pumping machines and
agricultural equipment, from the  money after deducting your 
expenses and the comission of 25% i shall give to you for your 
assistance.and the rest 60% is for my family and you will assist
us to invest it wisely in your country ,under your watchful
eyes.If you feel that we can trust you and that you are capable
to handle this  large amount of money ,let me know so that we 
may commence business.
In your response please state the following for easy
1. Full names 
2. Contact address 
3. Telephone and fax numbers 
on getting a positive response from you,  via my email 
address.  I shall then introduce you to my son who 
is going to liaise with you for further explanation and details
that will help 
you understand the transaction.
 I cannot be reached on phone because of the security around us
but my 
son will call you if he has the opportunity to do so.in that
communication will be mostly via email.
Kindly treat as very urgent and strictly confidential.I honestly
assure you that this transaction is 100%
Be assured that I am a reputable personality  and I
am mindful of the legal implications of 
this transaction, as I intend taking care of all the legal
documentations for a successful and hitch-free
I look forward to your urgent reply .
Thank you for your expected cooperation. 
Best regards.
Mrs Loues Estrada

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