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Patch to locale ta_IN

From: Sivaraj D
Subject: Patch to locale ta_IN
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 02:44:30 +0530


The attached patch fixes a few minor problems with ta_IN
locale.  This is based on glibc-common 2.3.3 (as included
in Fedora Core 3).

Fixes in this patch are:
1. Use longer abbreviations (max 2 char) for weekday 
   names instead of single unicode character, which
   doesn't make any sense in Tamil language.
2. Abbreviated month names (current version had full 
   names for abbreviated month names as well).
3. Fix the long name for December to remove the roman
   'r' character at the end of the name.
4. Fix long name for February to a widely accepted 


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