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Seeking Formaldehyde Alternative

From: Websearch
Subject: Seeking Formaldehyde Alternative
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 08:33:59 -0500



My name is Larry Mitchell.  I am a Sr. Program Manager for NineSigma, Inc.
NineSigma facilitates sourcing outside technology for our clients,
generally large industrial companies with significant investment in R&D.
To learn more about NineSigma, please visit our website at


Based on information regarding "Bronopol" from your website, I thought you
may be interested in NineSigma's RFP 50099-1 "Low Cost Preservative
Systems".  Our client, a global consumer products company, is very keen to
connect with companies or researchers that can identify low cost
preservatives to replace formaldehyde for use in furniture and floor
polishes and cleaners.  Technology development funding is available as well
as licensing, product acquisition, supplier agreements or other types of


I encourage you to submit a proposal in response to this RFP. The RFP and
associated documents can be accessed online at
http://www.ninesigma.com/mx/50099-1/rfp.html.  Although the due date for
proposals has passed, if I receive your proposal by December 13th, I will
ensure it is included with other proposals in my presentation to
NineSigma's client.


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to
discuss further. 


Thank you. Sincerely,


Larry Mitchell


Lawrence Mitchell, Ph.D.
Sr. Program Manager
NineSigma, Inc.
440-537-5824 (cell)

239-949-4577 (fax)


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