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Reply to your email opt-in for request- business

From: lionent
Subject: Reply to your email opt-in for request- business
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2004 07:35:10 +0000

Hi my name is Fred,
My Partners and I am opperating out of Australia.
Thank you for your opt-in and business interest.
We are expanding a LOTTERY BUSINESS overseas
and are looking for business
minded operators that can set up the 
expansion and share in the profits.
If you would like to play 3 lotteries
for free every week and also make a
monthly income every month, this is for you.
This business can be run in conjunction 
with your current business without it 
interfering with your current business.
Set up cost is minimal and with some effort the
returns will be more than satisfying.
If you are interested in a business world wide
then reply to the above address with the words,

World wide.

All email will be looked at, but advertising will be sent to the dump.

This will be the only email send to you from me.
Have a very good day.

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