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I emailed you recently about help with my call center

From: David Bell Superior Marketing
Subject: I emailed you recently about help with my call center
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 08:47:28 -0700

I emailed you before about help with the call center we're setting up. 
I recently changed email services and lost all my contacts information.

Send all emails to: address@hidden  Do not reply my message. I wont get it

If you could please help me again to find:

1.   outbound call centers or a referral to a call center to take my card 
program and mortgage program. 
      Like I said $25.00 per hour per station, 50 stations need.  We have 
backing for centers outside ours.

2.   we also need sales leads  or sale leads company referrals for my card 
program and mortgage program.

3.   maybe help with a mass email company to do confirmed OPT IN EMAIL for the 
card program

4.   We are also looking for someone with a new product that we can market in 
our call center or via mass email
      All new products will be reviewed and responded to. 

We pay very well, and appreciate all you can do for us.  

We offer referral comission as well for any help you can give us that leads to 
us closing a deal

Send us your company information so we can contact you ASAP
Also, give us a backround of what your specialize in. This will be very 
beneficial for our needs in the future.

Thanks again for you help

Again, Do not reply to this message!  It comes from our home server through a 
company we work with.

Send all correspondence to: address@hidden

We look forward to working with you shortly

Superior Marketing
Ontario, Canada

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