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We can do this

From: Otu
Subject: We can do this
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 04:57:03 +0000

Dear Friend

I am sorry to bother you with this issue which really you may find undesirable. 
I however consider it worthy.

What I need us to do together is simple and could reveal for us a life time's 

It concerns one Late Brigadier General John Mark Inienger. His last military 
portfolio was as Commandant of the Nigerian War Colleg before he retired. It is 
not news how the erstwhile military rulers in Nigeria carted for themselves 
huge sums of public funds. And such was the class of Late Brigadier General 
Inienger. He had held several other positions of imeense relevance in our body 
polity here.

In a bid to protect himself and have the money fully concealed, he consulted me 
in my capacity as an employee in Zenith Bank, then I had not become the Company 
Secretary but was just an officer in the Legal Department. I thus advised him 
to place the money in a corporate account. Which he rightly did, in the name: 
INIMARK LIMITED. He had US$22 Million in a Foreign Domiciary Account and had 
himself as the sole signatory.

Late Inienger died a couple of years ago. And his family have long ago shared 
his estate among himself. Especially with his first son who was granted Letters 
of Administration over his estate by the Plateau State High Court of Justice. 
However, the US$22 Million has remained in our bank's custody and has become 
dormant over the years since nobody knew what transpired on the account issue. 
Late Inienger had not disclosed this to any of his children at the time of his 
death, because as he had informed me, he was not sure which of his children he 
wanted to avail the use and benefit since he ran a polygamous marriage.

Now, I want us to device a way to have this money available to you and I in the 
proportion of 40% for you and 60% for me. It is simple, since it is a corporate 
account (INIMARK LIMITED), by Nigerian Law, it is not subject to the probate 
granted to his son Benjamin Inienger as the Corporate entity (INIMARK LIMITED 
as regarded by law is distinct from any inidivdual whether its Director or 
Shareholder). All we need do is to have you appointed as a Director in the 
company, change the account mandate to have you as the sole signatory upon 
which you can now instruct our bank where to transfer the money in your favour. 
I have several external solicitors who will be so willing to do the necessary 
filings at the Corporate Affairs Commission. By this way no one will ever get 
to know what transpired as you would in same way instruct them to close the 
account after we are done. It is as simple as this and I am abreast with the 
procedure in my capacity as a Legal Practitioner of many years here. And even 
at the Corporate Affairs Commission, we could finally bring up volountary 
winding up proceedings to bring the company into perpetual extinct. And that 
way all tracks are closed.

At the moment, I am the Company Secretary/Head of Legal Services in Zenith Bank 
Plc. I do not want you to consider this as just one more spurious mail on the 
internet, but I want you to take this seriously from a Legal Practitioner of my 
class and a key officer of such an institution as Zenith Bank Plc which is the 
most profitable bank in Nigeria.

Please let me hear from you on this as quickly as humanly possible so we could 
get done. Write to me on my personal excite.com id: address@hidden

Yours sincerely

Michael Osilama Otu (Esq)

Head, Legal/Company Secretary

Zenith Bank Plc

Plot 84, Ajose Adeogun

Victoria Island

Lagos - Nigeria

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