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Business Proposal.

From: Joseph Obong
Subject: Business Proposal.
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2004 08:29:58 -0800

                    BUSINESS PROPOSAL.

Dear Sir,

  I write to inform you of my interest in investing in your country. I came
across your companys profile via the internet and deemed it wise
to  contact you directly as an existing firm with enough experience to
assist me in my  venture.
  I am the Director General, foreign contract awarding commitee in the Nigerian
National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC) and with my position in
office,I  was able to accumulate US$38 million via over invoicing of
contracts awarded under my ministry.Due to the tense political
situation over here in  Nigeria,I wish to retire and relocate my family

to your country hence my  contacting you.
  I want to invest this money in your line of business with your help. Also
I would need your assistance in transfering the funds out of here
since i do not operate any foreign account and moreso I would have to
do it  in a way that would not attract government attention to the
  I will arrange contract papers in your company name and get approvals
from all concerned ministries so that the funds can be tranfered to your
 account as contract payment.
  Please confirm your interest in assisting me on the above. I am willing
 to discuss ratio of sharing upon your interest in this transaction and
 also for helping me to settle my family in your country.
  Kindly reply to this message to enable me know your position and also
to advice you on how we will go about it.
Trusting on your full understanding of the above and the need for
asolute confidentiality.
   Waiting with interest on your reply.
Best regards.

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