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Letter of Introduction.

From: sadi_hany
Subject: Letter of Introduction.
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 23:15:30 -0500

Dear Friend.

Re: Letter of Introduction.

Compliments and Greetings. Please kindly allow me introduce myself. My names 
are Hani Sadi Tawfic, I am a Lawyer, by age 31 Years, graduate of the American 
Open University in Dubai, called to Bar in Jordan 2002, I am an Iraqi and I 
have returned to Iraq for two reasons because I know the war will bring 
abundant opportunities and because I want to help build a democratic Iraq.

My purpose of writing you this letter is to see how we may jointly work 
together as professionals to assist some Iraqis with peculiar problems which I 
cannot solve alone but which presents a decent opportunity to make a commission 

I have two Iraqi clients, both widows of over fifty years whose husbands died 
in the War /Revolution in Iraq leaving them both amounts of monies exceeding 
Twenty four Million(USD) in cash. Amongst two of them they have seven children, 
they have given me brief to:

1.  Move these funds out of Iraq into any part of the Western civilization, 
Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia are open options.
2.  Make arrangements for the migration of the families to any of these regions 
in the world.
3.  Invest these funds in profitable ventures, in a safe a secure project, that 
will sustain the families whilst they make profits (Real Estate and other 
Equities) are paramount areas of interest.

These clients have agreed in principle to pay 10% of the amount in
commissions plus any and other incidental expense incurred,

My proposal to you now is to participate with me in a manner that will witness 
us first and foremost transferring the fund out of Iraq and the Arab gulf 
region, while we consider what investments to execute along with make 
arrangements for the migration of these persons.

I understand the nature of this challenge, but since there is no primary 
inhibition, it is my sincere anticipation that we can surmount this whole 
procedure swiftly and within the limits of legality.

I will be well positioned to give you proper information upon your response and 
an indication of interest on your part.

I will stop here now and await your response earnestly.

My Best Regards.

Sadi Hany Tawfic. LL.B, BL.

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