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From: Mrs.Tahani Ibrahim

From: ibrahim_family
Subject: From: Mrs.Tahani Ibrahim
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 22:41:48 +0000


In the name of Almighty Allah, the most merciful, It is a great pleasure
that I am writing this letter to you and I know that something positive
will come out of it.I am Tahani, the wife of a prominent business man in
KORHOGO the northern part of Ivory Coast. My husband?s name is Labib Ibrahim.
He was arrested by some government officials accusing him of funding the
rebellion in the country.To our utmost surprise,we found his body in a forest
in the capital city dead. We have done all the necessary things concerning
his burial and we are through now. The aspect that I wan't to discuss with
you is that my late husband, when he was alive did a business with his foreign
partners worth of $20.4 million(Twenty million four hundred thousand US

This money is being deposited in a security company in Europe before his
untimely death, and this is where I want you to come in and help us.We need
the help of a foreign partner that has an account so that we can get the
money out. I am therefore proposing 25% of the money to you if you can help
me get the money out of the security company in Europe because it is not
an ideal country for me. And that I shall invest 50% of the money in your
country or anywhere you suggest while 5% of the total amount as been aside
for any expenses that you might incure during this transaction(telephone,
transportion etc) I have the neccessary documents that proves with me and
their contact in Europe for you to be able to talk to Security Company in
Europe, i am reallying and putting trust in Almighty Allah and you.kindly
help me out for the sake of my three children surfering now, they could
not go to school mainly because of the school fees.

I know that something positive will come out for us, both you and me including
my three children and i pray with the help of Allah you should help us why
because my children do not go to school any longer. Looking forward to see
your reply very soon and let me have your contact address and phone to call
you, and may Almighty Allah in his mercy be with you, if i see your reply
i will give you their contact of the security company in Europe for you
to meet them and discuss on how to retrieve the funds. Then you will need
to send an invitation letter to me and my three children for our coming.

Yours in Allah,

Mrs.Tahani Ibrahim.

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