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Mr.Usman Dago.

From: usmdag
Subject: Mr.Usman Dago.
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 19:48:33 +0100


Suddenly you got this mail and may be doubting and wondering how I got your
mail contact. Well, I got your contact from an operator of an internet services
in the Chambers of Commerce and Industry here in Abidjan, Cote d' Ivoire,
hence I decided to write you, though I did not mention the transaction to

I am Usman DAGO ,an accountant with one of the local banks here, African
Development Bank Abidjan, the Republic of Cote d?Ivoire.

I am contacting you on this business of transferring the sum of twenty Million

US$ (US$20 million) into a safe foreign account and it must be very 
I solicit your urgent assistance for the transfer of these funds into your
Bank account .

I wish to inform you that we discovered the said amount of money during
our last audit work in the month of April 2002. Myself and two others of
my colleagues discovered that this money belongs to one MR Kazu Bakayoko,
a very rich farmer who died some two years ago the Kenya airlines plane
crash here in Abidjan. Mr. Bakayoko was on board with his entire family
including his next od kin to the account since then nobody has come for
claim of these funds.

We therefore solicit your assistance to come out as the next of kin to Mr.
Bakayoko. As soon as you agree to do so, we will arrange all formalities
to transfer the money to your bank account . Note that all the modalities
of this transfer are RISK FREE.

We want to make the following points clear for you so that you can have
a better understanding of why we are contacting you.

1-As civil servants, we are not permitted to operate or own a foreign account
while in office due to CIVIL SERVICE CODE OF CONDUCT.

2-Our present financial resources will not be sufficient to process and
procure all documents and formalities from varoius Ministries here, hence
the need for a reliable foreign partner abroad is required for financial
assistance as the case may be.

3-You will be forwarded as the next of kin of the fund.

Your assisting percentage will be as agreed when you finally get back to

Get back to me on this email address for security reasons(address@hidden)

Best regards.

Mr.Usman Dago.

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