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From: ojg
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 14:10:25 -0800


The company in its expansion and growth strategy has decided to establish 
Overseas Representative Offices worldwide:

The Overseas Representative Office functions which include:

1) Joint Venture partnerships arrangement, turn-key projects, 
Build-Operate-Transfer(BOT) projects, Package Industrial Plants, and Investment 
Missions/Techmarts for the main common purpose of privatization and development 
of the private sector; enterprise development and restructuring; development 
and transfer of technology; foreign investment, and sub-regional co-operation 
and integration.
2) Technical Management support for the main purpose of industrial maintenance 
and rehabilitation; human resource development and training; strategic 
management of Industrial development; and Workshops organisation.
3) Venture Capital for the main purpose of industrial financing; institutional 
support and infrastructural development.
4) Special Trust Fund Scheme for the main purpose of extension of technical 
assistance to projects towards their establishment on Build-Operate-Transfer 
 5) Provide assistance and information on the setting up of our company 
operations (especially consulting, trading, finance, investments, tourism, real 
estate, manufacturing etc) in their countries and/or regions.
6) Introduce appropriate foreign suppliers and purchasers of products and 
7) Arrange business appointments for our company trips to their countries 
and/or regions.
8) Organise bilateral (either country by country or continent by continent) 
exhibitions, fairs and conferences for our company annually.
9) Channel our products and services to suitable foreign suppliers and 
purchasers to submit quotations directly to our company.
10) Provide information on all matters related to trade and investment with 
their countries and/or regions.
11) Give up-to-date information on the economic and service sectors of their 
countries and/or regions.
12) To act as a trading bases for all types of trading activities including 
Third- country trade, entrepot trade, counter trade as well as regional 
warehousing and distribution.
13) To promote our exportable products and services through their network of 
purchasers and by organizing the participation of our company and its 
delegation at international exhibitions and trade missions.
14) To carry out any other functions that may be assigned to them from time to 
15) To act as an international trading house: For Foreign manufacturing and 
exporting firms, who are looking for Exclusive Sole Marketing Agents, Exclusive 
Sole Equipment Vendors, Exclusive Sole Brokers, to represent them on commission 
basis in Africa most especially in Nigeria in any of the following lines of 
product: General goods(Capital and consumer goods inclusive), Industrial 
products/Trade products; Turn-key projects; Joint Ventures; Business Finance 
products; Joint projects; and General services.
16) To act as an international buying house: For Foreign importing firms, who 
are looking for exclusive sole buying agents and/or exclusive sole procurement 
agents, to represent them on commission in Africa most especially in Nigeria by 
buying and/or procuring for them any of the following lines of product: 
Agricultural products, General commodities, and Raw materials

Interested parties should apply to address@hidden

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