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Restore vital organs that shrink with age

From: edythe weaver
Subject: Restore vital organs that shrink with age
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 12:39:42 +0100

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The quality of included studies was poor overall We did not detect bias induced by any of the measures assessed We could not obtain data on all cause fatality for 33% of studies It is unlikely that missing results would shift the results for studies comparing the same lactam relative risk 1 02 0 76 to 1 38 but it is of concern that studies comparing different lactams 0 85 0 69 to 1 05 may not detect important harm to patients
Our assessment of treatment effects for patients with P aeruginosa Gram negative and blood infections relies on subgroup analysis We did not detect an advantage for combination therapy among these patients Only few patients with documented P aeruginosa infections could be evaluated

The Demon, as he spoke, opened the cover, and, looking within, the boy saw, as in a mirror, a moving picture before him

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