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From: Mr Abul Karmel
Subject: URGENT
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 14:58:23 -0800
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Dear Sir,

I am Mr. Abu Al-Karmel, I am working in Economic
Development and Foreign Contract payment Operations
Department, in the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI).

My aim of writing you is to seek for your kindness
assistance to allow me quickly transfer the sum of
US$15.million dollars, into your account. It will
interest you to know how this huge sum amount of funds
came about.

About two days before the United State and British,
bombing began, Saddam Hussein, ordered his youngest
son, Qusay, to remove the sum of US$1.billion (£640
million) from the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) The cash
which was loaded on to three lorries.

That memorable day Qusay and a senior aide to the
former president Saddam Hussein delivered the
instruction in person to the bank's governor of the
Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). And the money was removed
without proper official documentations. The money was
not debited. It was just remove from the foreign
reserve vault. This illegal withdrawer created
opportunity for our staffs working in the foreign
payments department. We hastingly remove from the
vault the sum of US$75.million, which we shared among
ourselves working in the department, five in number.
My share was US$15.million, the deal which was
absolutely successfully, I am now seeking your help to
allow me prepare transfer document in your Name to
enable me transferred the funds into your account.

I have agreed to offer you 15% of the funds for your
assistance 5% is reserved for expenses 80% will be
kept for your account for me. Note this transaction is
risk free since it is assumed; Saddam Hussein was
responsible for removing the funds.

I have formalized every necessary arrangement with
regards to this transaction. What I needed now is your
conviction and assurance of TRUST from you. Of course,
you can see the reasons for this, is that, it involves
a huge sum of money and I have not deal with you in
anyway before. If I am convinced and with your
declaration of interest in this deal, then I will tell
you the procedures to follow and with other vital
information, Kindly contact me through the above

For the security of this transaction, I do hereby
implore you to treat and maintain it with the absolute
confidentiality and secrecy it requires to avoid
exposing our intentions, there by jeopardizing this
project. Thanks and remain blessed.

Looking forward to your urgent response.
Best Regard

Mr. Abu Al-Karmel

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