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From: Susan Kent
Subject: LOTTO
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 23:24:56 +0400

from  the desk of  susan kent.
customer service manager
bill gate lotto inc,
44,sydney  court
wohampton,united kingdom.
attn; lucky winner;
The  management of Bill Gate lottery company u k chapter wishes to present its 
compliments.it might interest you to learn that microsoft inc usa in 
conjunction with bank giros united kingdom has just floated a lottery company 
primarily established  to alleviate poverty and to enhance  a better living for 
the masses around the world.
As a prelude to the kick off , the ceo of microsoft BILL GATE  has donated the 
sum of  100 million pounds  as complimentary .
Individual names attached to their email addresses has been picked at randon 
and matched with this ticket number;0090011229000201.The first 100 people after 
the entries that are in line with this numbers are the lucky winners;
You are one them.   Congratulations!!!
You are entitled to the following#:
1.one million pounds shares in any blue chip company of your choice in europe.
2.a  gold card from british airways.  
3.5000 pounds shopping gift voucher at harrolds london.
4.lunch with Bill Gate at the prestigious  ritz hotel.
you are advised to contact ms juliana davies ,the lotto official attorney at   
juliana_davies @lawyer.com  or call her on 00447749382000.
once again congratulations;
susan  kent.

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