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GMF - World Fairs Guide / Guida Mondiale delle Fiere

Subject: GMF - World Fairs Guide / Guida Mondiale delle Fiere
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 15:59:22 +0100

With its 800 pages the GMF is the first publication worldwide for the number of 
fairs recorded (more than 16,000 of all sectors, all over the world).
GMF is published twice a year.
The fairs calendar of the first issue starts from January, the second one from 
July and both contain all the available information about the forthcoming years 
as well.

Download free of charge the GMF previous edition.

For more information http://www.expofairs.com/index_ing.htm

Kind regards,

Pianeta srl
Dr. Eng. Giovanni Paparo
Governing Director and Editor-in-Chief of PRISMA magazine
and GMF Guida Mondiale delle Fiere / World Fairs Guide
Via Angelo Sismonda, 32
I-10145  Turin TO, Italy
Tel. +39 011747600
Fax  +39 011747294

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