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From: adij
Subject: SALAM
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 13:28:38 +0100 (CET)

My name is Adijat Z Hussein, and i am a native of Kuwait, I was married to Late 
Malam Usman Hussein of blessed memory,and we have lived and worked in London, 
United Kingdom were we also have a home for the past 14 years that we were 
married,until he died in january 2002 after a brief illness.

Unfortunately, our marraige was not blessed with any child,but ALLAH,richly 
blessed us materially and financially.
"To "ALLAH" We Give the Glory".as my husband devoted a great portion of his 
resources propagating "ISLAM" .
He was a very devoted muslim,MY his gentle soul rest in the bossom of "ALLAH".

Since his death I too have been battling with both cancer and fibroid 
problems,which according to the medical doctors resulted in my inability to 
conceive and bear a child. I have undergone serveral surgeries and i am 
presently bed ridden,undergoing radiation treatment for my cancer,which has 
resulted in the complete loss of my hair. When my late husband was alive he 
deposited the sum of $8.6Million (Eight Million six hundred thousand 
U.S.Dollars) with an oversea finance company,and presently this money is still 
with the finance Company. Recently, my doctor told me that I may not last the 
next three months due to the cancer problem, which has completely incapacitated 
me. but ALLAH KNOWS BEST. and i give him the glory for my life.
Having known my condition and in compliance with my husbands last wish as a 
devoted wife,i have decided to donate this money to devoted muslim individual 
that will utilize this money for the propagation of ISLAM,which was the last 
wish of my late husband.

The individual will be required to use this money in all sincererity to fund 
mosques, orphanages,muslim programmes and also propagating the word of ALLAH 
and to ensure that the society upholds the views and beliefs of the Holy Quran.

The Holy Quran emphasizes so much on ALLAH'S benevolence and this has 
encouraged me to take this bold step.
I am taking this decision because apart from the fact that i do not have a 
child to inherit the funds,it was my husbands last wish that this money be 
given to charity,"MAY ALLAH BE BLESSED".He is the giver of life and wealth.
Moreover it is not the wish of my husband that the funds be lost in deposit and 
collected by those who will use it in an unholy manner.
"HENCE MY CONTACT WITH YOU"as i beleive, that after death I will be with ALLAH 
the most benevolent and the most
merciful. knowing fully well that i have fulfilled my own part on this earth.
My happiness is that I have lived a life of a true devoted muslim worthy of 
emulation but can be judged only by "ALLAH"who oversee all.
In furtherance of my wish,and if you would like to serve ALLAH in truth and in 
spiri t, i will like you to get in touch with me immediatly.

Send to me your full names and address, and contact telephone lines,and as it 
pleases "ALLAH" ,i shall give you the contact of the finance company and also 
issue you a letter of authority that will enable you lay claims to the the 
funds as the original beneficiary of this fund.
I await your urgent response.PLEASE REPLY THROUGH MY PRIVATE 

May the almighty ALLAH continue to guide and protect

Adijat Hussein

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