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Problem in GCC porting...

From: vivek
Subject: Problem in GCC porting...
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 05:59:36 -0600 (CST)
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Hello All

We are trying to fix the already ported GCC 2.95 on the ABACUS processor.
ABACUS processor is very much similar to SPARC from SUN.

We are facing 2 major problems in the fixing.

1. Variable initialization within block: If we declare and initialize a
variable within a block in the function, initialization happens only at
the first time, not every time, if code enters that block again.

       int a = 10;
       a += 10;

In the above case if we enter the block inside main for second time or
more the value of 'a' get continued as of 'static' variable.

2. Function  pointer returning some value:
In case of function pointers returning something we are not able to
collect the same in the return register or variable.

These 2 errors in the compiler is causing problems in other activities also.

If anyone could through some light on these issues this will help me a lot.

Please send me reply on my ID address@hidden as I am not a member of
this group.

Thanks in anticipation...


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