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From: mob
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 22:35:57 -0600

My Dear,

I am Mr. Alfonso Mobutu, son of late Mobutu Sese Seko, former president of 
Democratic Republic of Congo. My father was dethroned by Laurent Kabila, which 
force him to take refuge in Nigeria with his entire family until his death. 
Since then we have remained in Nigeria until recently when I move to South 
Africa looking for means of survival . 

My aim of contacting you is to solicit for your assistance. Presently, there is 
little crisis in my country and that is the reason why I am free to disclose 
this information as the crisis have diverted attention from our family. When my 
father was being chased by kabila's Government, to recover every money spent 
while in office, he smartly move this huge sum of money Amounting to $14.2USD( 
Fourteen million two hundred thousand united stas my father's savings and 
assets were confiscated and seized by Laurent Kabila's governmentate dollars), 
to a private security/finance house in Absterdam Holland for safekeeping. He 
claimed that the money was meant for payment of debt owed a foreign contractor. 

Recently, I traveled to morocco for a family meeting and going through my 
father's file, I came across this information, which was debated upon and 
decided to contact the family lawyer to advice on the procedure to get this 
fund released to us. He then advised that we contact a God fearing and trust 
worthy person who will be prepared to travel to Absterdam and claim the fund as 
the fund will go a long way to alleviate the family's problem. He has 
formalized all necessary arrangement for a hitch-free collection of the fund. 
All documents covering the fund will be send to you for a hitch-free 

Please all we need you to do for us is to stand as the beneficiary to this 
fund,We have agree the sharing pattern as follows: 

1,You the claimant will get 30% of fund. 
2, the family of Mobutu Sese Seko will get 70% of the 

during the transaction. Note that my family will invest part of our share in 
your country into any profitable venture to help bring back the family. 

For us to proceed and start up, I will like you to send me your full name, 
phone and fax number, this I will inurn send to the officials in the 
Security\finance company in Absterdam Holland presenting you to them as the 
beneficiary to the fund in their custody. 

Please , I will be waiting to read from you very soon, you are free to ask me 
any question regarding to these transaction. Our meeting is God,will.all 
documents covering the fund will also be send to you as we proceed further. 

Do please tell me more about yourself so that I can have a better understand of 
yourself, I will call you ones I receives your phone number. Stay Blessed. 
Greetings from all members of the family to you. Thanks again. Reply me through 
my Private email address : address@hidden

Due Regards, 

Alfonso Mobutu. 

For the Family.

Hack3rz Defacements Group

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