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From: charles wales
Subject: HELLO
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 14:50:36 -0500 (EST)

Dear Friend,

Greetings to you this day, I am writing you urgently for your cooperation in an issue I need you to handle with me. My name is Mr. Charles Wales, and I am a banker based in Europe. I was actually helping a friend Mr. Terry Ford from Zimbabwe transfer some of his money from the country during the time white farmers where being murdered unjustly and their properties seized without any form of remorse from the side of the government before he was killed on the 18th March, 2002. We are sorry about the pictures you are going to see;




After the last general election in the country when the incumbent President Mr. Robert Mugabe won, he adopted a very aggressive land reform program. During this period of the Land Reform Act of which many rich White farmers were killed, the various farmlands were attacked, looted and burnt down by militants sponsored by the dictator President Robert Mugabe and in the process they also killed Mr. Terry Ford in a gruesome manner.

Before his death, he had traveled to Europe to deposit the sum of £18,000,000.00 (Eighteen Million British Pounds) with a bank, as he foresaw the Looming dangers in Zimbabwe. The amount was meant for the purchase of new machineries and Chemicals proposed for new farms in Zimbabwe. This money was deposited in an escrow account for fear of seizure by the Government, as President Mugabe had declared war on white farmers.

I was the only person that he informed about this deposit since I was still working at the banks branch as at that time before I was transferred to another branch. He also appealed to me to ensure that the funds are safely kept and if anything should happen to him I should make his fiancée his next of kin since he had no other family of his own except his little dog. I have made frantic effort to contact any relative of Mr. Ford for the past two years without any success, his fiancée died of shock after hearing of his death. At this point I am contacting you to act as the next of kin/original beneficiary to Mr. Terry Ford's funds in the bank so that it can be transferred to your account. I cannot do this alone neither can make claims to it myself that is why I need your assistance.

If you agree to take up this responsibility, then I will facilitate the process in making you the official beneficiary to the funds and you will be required to contact the bank to instruct a transfer of the funds to your account. I want to really appeal to you that as soon as these funds are transferred to you, you will be trustworthy enough to keep it safely and also to keep it confidential. If you agree to assist me in this matter, you will definitely be entitled to 15% of the total for your participation. I await your reply.

Best Regards

Charles Wales

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