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From: lng124
Subject: NLNG
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 04:34:07 -0500

Fax No.: +1 480-247-4541
I am samaila musa kewa, Deputy Managing Director of Liquefied Natural 
Gas Limited (NLNG).

I am writing you this letter with the hope that we can work together on 
a mutually beneficial business that will bring gains to you and I if we 
can arrive at a compromise to work together in harmony.

This profitable venture involves the some amount of money which is 
presently in an account of the LNG. We need your help as a foreigner to 
help transfer this money. We cannot make this transfer on our own or in 
our names for the fact that we are civil servants (still in active 
service). But you as a foreigner can assist us in the sense that the money to 
be transferred will be paid to you as money meant for investment 
purpose. The money in question is ready for transfer into an account which we 
expect you to provide. We have agreed that the money will be shared 
according to the ratio that will be agreed on before commencement of 
We will require from you:
a) Full names and mailing address of Company/ Beneficiary.
b) Contact telephone and fax numbers.
The above requirements is to initiate and faclitate the transfer of the 
money. Be informed that the reason we are sending you this letter is 
because we know that the only way to succeed is to seek the help of a 
foreigner. Your professional status is not a matter of hindrance in this 
transaction. Please, your assistance is highly solicited. We have no 
doubts at all that this money will be released and transferred if we get 
the necessary foreign partner to assist us in this deal.

All expenses regarding the opening of an account if not already in 
existence shall be borne by you, all expenses are however reimbursable on 
the conclusion of this business transaction. It is of high hope that you 
will consider this request and respond positively. If you are still in 
doubt after the receipt of this letter please do not hesitate to 
contact and ask any question(s)that may hinder your decision on this matter. 
Please an acknowledgement of the receipt of this letter will be 

It is after the successful transfer of the funds that we can begin to 
look into investment possibilities with you as a partner in a joint 

While awaiting your early response, thank you in anticipation of your 
most valued assistance If you think it is worth giving some thought do 
let me know so that I can send you details.

In anticipation of an early reply.

Truly yours,
samaila musa

Alternative email address:address@hidden

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