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How are you?

From: Mrs Lolly Richards
Subject: How are you?
Date: 11 Mar 2005 16:24:12 -0000

Good day Friend,

How are you hope you are fine?How Is your family hope
they are fine too. I wanted to discuss something with you,Its really
bothering me.I know you will be suprise how I got your email
address,butdont be suprise I got It while I was browsing along the net also I 
know this
willsound some-how strange to you because we have not meet phisically
before.But Ipromise to be nice.My Name is Mrs Lolly Richards,daugther Of late Mr

I am about to tell you something that I have not
discuss with anyone excluding my lawyer.My father was a big time
farmerin south africa,he uses most of South Africa land for farming.The
GovernmentinSouth Africa gave him those lands for farming and he will pay back
when hehave the money,it was like a loan they gave him the lands as loan .My
father was verysuccessfull In the farming business and he paid all the 
back.Some top officials In the Government were Jealous because of his
wealth.They wanted him to Join them carry out a dubious deal against
theGovernment but he refuse ,so they plan to kill him and claim all his
wealth he has suffered forin South Africa.On his way home one day he was coming 
from the office
and he was assinatedand he was rushed to the hospital by a good samaritan. But 
he did not
survive It .But before they killed him he saw It coming and transfer
mostof his fund to a Security company In Holland.He died In the hospital
,Butbefore he died he gave me the contact Information to the Security
company which the fund was located.

Those people were looking for me and my family and
we ran to Nigeria for safety because they know we know were my father
funds were hidden.I contacted the Security company
yesterday onhow I could collect the funds with my lawyer assistance and they 
methat Ineed a foreign beneficiary outside Africa because of Security
reasons.And I dont have anyone outsideAfrica that will stand for me as a 
beneficiarry.They said the money was too big ($20m)My father never told me the 
amountof the money I was so shock.They also said that the funds has been 
depositedthere for about four years now and it has accumulated demurrage 
whichwe must pay before the consignment will be released.

My lawyer told me to
lookfor abeneficiarry.That Ismy problem
now,My mother Is willing to give $7m to you
if you will help the family.Please If you can help me and my family In
anyway I will
appreciate It alot and in paying the demurrage fee.I will like to hear
from you soon , please contact me through my private address, feel free
to reply me to this e-mail address I have given you...
( address@hidden  OR address@hidden )
I will like tohear from you soon.GodBless you.
N.B Any amount of money the both of us spend In clearing the
consignment Iwill pay you In double after we have cleared the consignment.Have a

Thank you,

Mrs Lolly Richards


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