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From: mariam abacha
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 15:06:05 +0900


I know that this might seem very deplorable for a
person that you
do not know but  as the title implies I am Dr Mrs
Mariam  Abacha, wife of the late  General Sani
Abacha.I am contacting you due to the present 
situation as regards the special panel set up by the
present dmocratic  administration in my country
(Nigeria) under the anti-corruption law  passed mainly
to recover what they termed "Abacha's looted money".  
this law is yet another smear campaign aimed mainly to
frustrate,  humiliate, dismember and widen the scope
of hatred to our family. A personal  vendetta by
President Obasanjo who was jailed by my Husbands 

Government  for plotting a coup d 'etat against his
administration.  This highly calculated attempt by
this administration cum Swiss  government through
bi-lateral relationship has taken away from us over 
US$1.4billion in Switzerland. The rampaging situation
in our accounts  abroad has yielded to the barbaric
pressure and just last month we were  squished out of
another US$395m and all this funds can be ascertained 
independently.Please you can visit these websites and
read more about my late husband and you will
understand what I am telling you. 
Please type in the whole in bracket,

government is bent on destroying our family. You may
be aware that  my son (Mohammed), heir apparent to the
family just got out  of prison after 3 years of
detention. Therefore, I am soliciting for  genuine
partners that I can invest the family fortune that is
scattered  all over the world. According to my
estimation in West Africa alone we  still have about
US$93m in cash in a Security Company that we  intend
to invest abroad through your assistance. For the
purpose of  investment in areas of your interest,
contact me as a handsome reward of  20%of the total
sum awaits you, subject to our negotiation and

security reason for further  details for now. In the
event of you not being interested in this  proposal,
endeavor to keep this highly confidential!  Thanks 

Dr.Mrs. Mariam Abacha

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