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Now buy Tekon products online 4 less

From: Tekon Store
Subject: Now buy Tekon products online 4 less
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 14:49:16 -0700

Tekon Chemicals Straight From The Manufacturer
Buy Direct & Save. Great Online Prices. You'll Never Buy Glass & Stainless Steel Products Elsewhere Again!!!
Buy Alpha, Beta, Delta & Gamma.
About Tekon
Tekon II, our newest line of chemicals are manufactured by our own chemist using the highest grade of industrial raw materials. Our 2005 product line is superior to our previous line of chemicals which makes them easier to apply and buff off, eliminating the old smear problem associated with the first generation of the Tekon system.

About Tekon Products
Tekon II advanced technology opens a new chapter in the maintenance cost, visibility, appearances and the life of architectural glass products.
About Alpha, Beta, Delta & Gamma
Protective treatment, Tekon Alpha, is applied to new or installed glass. This chemical process links oxygen with carbon in the porous surface, blocking hydrolysis, making it super hydrophobic and repellant. Water beads up and runs off like quicksilver.

Tekon Beta consists of multiple co-polymers that prevent hard water, soap and other stains from adhering to the surface. Dirt rinses away leaving the glass sparkling clear and streak-less. Cleaning is far less frequent and much easier, without "harsh cleaners" of any kind.

Building maintenance costs are typically reduced 50% and occupants enjoy clearer visibility between washing.

No acid, no harsh chemical detergents...ever...eliminates run-off pollution.

Glass is protected perpetually by simply cleaning with Tekon Delta as needed. Curtain walls can be washed less frequently with less effort. The Tekon treatment leaves glass anti-static, repelling dust. Mirrors stay cleaner longer.

Tekon Gamma is used as a hard water deposit remover before the other products are applied.
Tekon Store
Get the real Tekon product. Great online prices. Delivered right to your door. Cut out the middleman and save.
Email: address@hidden  www.TekonStore.com

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