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Re[3]: To be loved, be lovable intolerance intolerant intolerantly

From: jeanette jena
Subject: Re[3]: To be loved, be lovable intolerance intolerant intolerantly
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 23:29:32 +0000

Hello again,
Love to be loved,
Hate to be hated,
Love not to be hated,
Hate not to be loved.

always self-possessed resolute manner, and the carelessly serene
expression of his face?  Now every time he turned to her, he bent
his head, as though he would have fallen at her feet, and in his
eyes there was nothing but humble submission and dread.  "I would
not offend you," his eyes seemed every time to be saying, "but I
want to save myself, and I don't know how." On his face was a
look such as Kitty had never seen before.
They were speaking of common acquaintances, keeping up the most
trivial conversation, but to Kitty it seemed that every word they
said was determining their fate and hers.  And strange it was
that they were actually talking of how absurd Ivan Ivanovitch was
with his French, and how the Eletsky girl might have made a
better match, yet these words had all the while consequence for
them, and they were feeling just as Kitty did.  The whole ball,
the whole world, everything seemed lost in fog in Kitty's soul.
Nothing but the stern discipline of her bringing-up supported her
and forced her to do what was expected of her, that is, to dance,
to answer questions, to talk, even to smile.  But before the

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